Presbyter’s Message

Dear Beloved,

I thank God for the many avenues of communication that he has given to us so that we may hear his voice, see his face and seek him while he may be found. We are all the more grateful to him for his blessings in the form of the church we worship in, the fellowship of the faithful and the assurance of his presence. Today we also thank God for the gift of the St. James’ Church website that could be launched. Now we have more avenues to communicate with each other, even though distances may keep us apart for times indefinite. I praise God for all those who made it possible to launch this website on the occasion of celebration of the the Patronal Festival.

We thank God for St. James, Apostle and Martyr, the first of the twelve disciples that our Lord Jesus appointed for his work and mission on earth. We thank God for Col. James Skinner who fulfilled his promise to God and commissioned the St. James’ Church. We thank God for the many servants of God who have served this church over the last 180 years. We thank God for the many organists who have lead in singing hymns and prasies to the glory of God. We thank God for the many altar servers who have assisted the celebrants so that worshippers may celebrate the memory of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ through the gift of bread and wine. We thank God for all the leaders of the many groups; Women, Youth, Sunday school etc. we thank God for all congregation members for being part of life and growth of the church.

I wish and hope that we may all now glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through our words and actions.

God be with you all!