Presbyter’s Message

Shalom and welcome to St. James’ Church, Kashmere Gate, Delhi’s homepage, our official online site!

Our historic church was consecrated on 21st November 1836, by Bishop Daniel Wilson and dedicated in memory of James, Apostle and Martyr, and we continue to attempt to live up to the legacy of our Patronal Saint, as a living community of faith, service and witness.

An apostle is one who is sent and a martyr is one who has witnessed, for Jesus Christ said, “As the Father has sent me, even so send I you” and “you shall be my witnesses.” It was such a zeal of being sent to witness that enabled Saint James, to be singled out by Herod Agrippa, to be the first martyr among the first twelve apostles, thus obtaining him one of those places of honour in the Kingdom of God, that he had desired and hoped for when he along with his brother John confidently replied to Jesus, “we can,” drink the cup and share in his baptism of pain and death. As both an Apostle and a Martyr, Saint James reminds us of our apostleship and invites us to our martyrdom, for we too are sent- sent to witness to the new life which is in God’s Kingdom and rule within and amongst us and also sent to contradict and stand against the worldly rule, in which their rulers Lord it over them and their great ones are tyrants over them. We sincerely feel commissioned for witness and service founded on wilful and selfless submission, of our life for service of others.

As true greatness lies in service, we are also thankful to God, for the dedication of James Skinner, who built the magnificent building from his own resources and got it dedicated as a place of worship for everyone; which again motivates us to accomplish things for the greater glory of God and the good of the people.

We also feel and acknowledge the important historical link we share with the Martyrs of Delhi, killed because of their faith and service, in the first baptism of persecution the Indian Church passed through during 1857; Chaman Lal, Delhi’s Sub-Assistant Surgeon, Wilayat Ali, Indian Baptist Missionary, Rev. N. J. Jennings, Chaplain of Delhi, his daughter Annie Margaret, Rev. A. R. Hubbard, S.P.G. Missionary, Rev. David Corrie Sandy, C.M.S Missionary, Mr. Louis Koch and another catechist of S.P.G., who kept their faith and witnessed with their life of service even to the point of death, and are examples to us for faithful discipleship.

Pray for us that like Saint James, James Skinner and the Martyrs of Delhi, that we may be as faithful in witness and service. We will be privileged if you feel encouraged to join us in our common efforts of service, by partnering with us in our witness, worship, and service.

Lovingly yours in Christ’s service,
Prateek Pillai, Rev.