Marriage ceremonies are performed in the Church for members. Pre-marital counselling sessions for couples is compulsory prior to their marriage. These counselling sessions are facilitated by our Presbyter. Please get in touch with our Presbyter-in-Charge in this regard.

In case you belong to another Church requiring St. James’ Church for a marriage ceremony, a letter from your Church Pastor will be required in order to confirm the Marriage ceremony in St. James’ Church.

As per the Constitution of The Church of North India, marriages are preceded with announcement of banns in all the Churches that come under the purview of The Church of North India. There are 3 instances of announcement of banns wherein the congregations of all Churches are informed about the date of the upcoming marriage. These congregations are also advised to confirm in writing, if there is any just reason why the couple should not get married. The form for Banns is available in the Church office

The marriage service is performed as per the order mentioned in the respective section of the “Book of Worship” of The Church of North India.