Our Presbyter In Charge

Rev. Prateek Pillai is the current Presbyter in-charge, of St. James’ Church, Kashmere Gate, Delhi. He is serving in the Diocese of Delhi, Church of North India (CNI), as an ordained Presbyter and has ministered in various churches in the Diocese. He was born and raised in Central India, from where his family originates and moved to Delhi after finishing his first degree in theological education, from Bishop’s College, Kolkata. Since then, he has found in Delhi both a working place and a home. He is married to a loving wife, who is also in the ministry and provides assistance in his works and thus proving to be his able partner, in life and work. The family includes caring mother, father and a younger sister.

A passionate reader and student of the Scripture, Christ Jesus used, today commonly known to us as the Old Testament (and sometimes also called as the Hebrew Bible), he went on to study an advance theological course and research program, at Aizawl Theological College, in Aizawl, Mizoram and excitedly continues to use the Gospel for contemporary and contextual readings for the community. Besides pasturing, he uses his education and skills for writing, training, educating, facilitating at various places of lectures and Bible Study that he is invited for. He is interested in sociological study and use of the Scripture with a motto, “being empowered to empower others”, especially those marginalised and in need.

Please pray for him, his family and his work!