Pastorate Committee

The Pastorate Committee (PC) is elected by General Body of the Church, using the electoral process as outlined in the Constitution of The Church of North India. The Pastorate Committee has been entrusted with the administrative work related to the Church. The Pastorate Committee members work in an honorary capacity, discussing significant issues and requirements, in order to take time bound and cost effective decisions.Their meetings are scheduled on a monthly basis and the meeting minutes are duly circulated to serve as a reference as well as a record of discussions.

The Presbyter of the Church assumes the role of the Chairman of the Pastorate Committee envisaging the authority conferred to him by the constitution of The Church of North India (CNI). As a Chairman he heads all matters of the Church and presides over all meetings.

All administrative activities related to repair, maintenance, budget, accounts, new projects, Church helper manpower management, Security management and other related tasks of the Church, are performed by the Pastorate Committee. The Pastorate Committee elects the Secretary who is in-charge of leading the initiation and conclusion of all administrative work.

The Pastorate Committee also elects the Treasurer, who manages the finances of the Church, relating to receipts related to Sunday Service offerings, thanksgiving offering, donations received from members and non-members. He also reviews and approves routine administrative expenditures of the Church.

All Pastorate Committee members provide their inputs during meetings in order to reach viable decisions relating to the matters of the Church. These members belong to varied ages and bring rich experience from their diverse professional backgrounds.