Family Carols Evening

St. James’ Chuch Pastorate Youth Fellowship was delighted to organise the Family Carols Evening on the 21st of December 2019. The members of St.James’ Church were invited to spend a warm evening celebrating the spirit of Christmas by singing carols and lighting the candles. The youth fellowship was blessed and overjoyed to spend the evening with the members of St.James’ and sharing the joy of Christmas with them. The evening started with the serving of tea, samosa, and cake which perfectly blended with the cold winter evening. The evening further proceeded with the singing of the carols which the youth members had put in an order unfolding the nativity scene. The order of service began with a word of prayer by Rev. Jyoti S. Singh Pillai and with the carol O come all ye’ faithful. Later on, other carols were sung with intermittent Scripture readings. All members enthusiastically participated in the carol singing. A special performance was given by Mr. Vijay Das, everyone had a great time listening to his mesmerizing voice as always. The intercession was led by Mr. Salmom Jacob. He prayed for peace to prevail in our country which is going through great unrest. We all meditated for the guidance of people leading towards peace of our country. In the last segment, the members were requested to give in suggestions and take part in singing with us. All the members were eager to provide us with carol suggestions to be sung. The evening ended with a message by the Presbyter Incharge Rev. Prateek Pillai depicting the real meaning of Christmas and Benediction. He lit the candle and the light was passed on amongst the members to spread the light of peace and goodwill for all. The program ended with the fellowship dinner and prayer for food offered by Rev. Samuel.