Christmas Services

Christmas Services

Midnight Service

The midnight service was conducted in the Church on the intervening night of 24-25 December. The church was beautifully decorated leaving everyone enthralled as everyone was praising the way magnificence of the architecture came alive with splendid illumination.
The service was well organized and the solemnity of it was deeply moving.
Lots of people from different faith had come to the Church and were blessed by our pastor.
Additional to the arrangement of police personnel in the Church premise, there were regular visits from flying squads.
After the service, greetings were warmly exchanged over hot coffee, perfect for a cold winter night which was served with cake to all the members in attendance. All the members departed anticipating the fresh wave of cheer and excitement the morning of Christmas day promised.

Christmas Day

The Christmas day witnessed people in large attendance including the members of the church, guests, and people of different faiths. The interiors of the church were well decorated and the alter was aesthetically pleasing, adorned with beautiful flowers. The service was in resonance with the thoughts and feelings each of the members harbored, the feeling of joy and peace for the birth of our Lord Jesus. On the occasion, the church choir also delighted the congregation with their renditions and they were appreciated and motivated by our pastor. After the service, greetings were warmly exchanged amongst people and everyone was exhibiting the spirit of cheer and festivity. Hot coffee was served with cake to all the members as the merriness flourished. Last but by no means the least, all the members of the church assembled for a Church family photograph showering their sunniest smiles for the camera. The moment was captured beautifully and in the years to come, we hope and pray that  St. James’ family grows stronger in faith, love, and devotion.

Church Family after Christmas 2019 Service